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Contents - Fx buckley cookbook chateu beamont 2015 haut medoc sancerre paul prieur 200g egans smoked salmon 100g hegartys cheddar 100g cashel blue mat..
Ex Tax:€210.00
Treat Box - A collection of Mini Doughnuts, Chocolate Biscuits Sticks, Cookies, Marshmallows and other chocolate treats, with melting chocolate dippin..
Ex Tax:€65.50
Homemade short pastry filled with fresh apple pieces & topped with homemade cooked apple compote.Allergens: WH, EG, MK...
Ex Tax:€14.95
The perfect blend of bold and spicy. A blend of whole and nibbled hazelnuts toasted in sweet Wexford honey from Tara Hill Honey and warming spice..
Ex Tax:€4.84
An Exclusive box for Discerning IndividualsOur X.O Blend: It took over a year for the distinguished palet of Christophe Fillioux to approve this ..
Ex Tax:€2,479.34
Family Pan Premium White BreadNo added sugar**Contains naturally occurring sugarsOur GuaranteeAt Brennans Family Bakery we guarantee our breads' fresh..
Ex Tax:€2.00
SOSU Dripping Gold Luxury Mousse DarkA deep golden tone, easy-to-apply and suitable for all skin types. Our tan formula is ready t..
Ex Tax:€16.52
Desperados is the Worlds first Tequila Flavoured Beer. Desperados is a unique combination of gold-coloured, full-bodied 5.9% lager beer with a kick of..
Ex Tax:€1.98
Cork Dry Gin is the number one selling gin in Ireland. Its combination of juniper berry, lemon, lime, coriander and Cork Dry Gin's mystery ingredient ..
Ex Tax:€19.83
Cointreau is an orange-flavoured triple sec liqueur produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. It is consumed as an apéritif and digestif, and is a..
Ex Tax:€28.93
Your order of the legendary Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold may be a limited edition bottle. It will still be the same delicious liquid inside but..
Ex Tax:€21.49
Like all their whiskies, the original Canadian Club is blended before ageing. This allows the subtle flavours of the rye, rye malt, barley and corn to..
Ex Tax:€32.23
Bushmills Original is also known as 'White Bush' and is the flagship blend from Bushmills distillery. It is vatted from triple distilled malt aged for..
Ex Tax:€23.97
Bulleit Bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey whose high-rye content and iconic frontier inspired bottle is a favourite among bartenders and ..
Ex Tax:€37.19
The main ingredient of this crystal clear, complex blend of citrus fruit is the small, slightly bitter but highly flavoured orange originating from th..
Ex Tax:€26.45
BOX BURGER Beef Burger BOX BURGER Beef Burger
Hot Free Sample
Create Box Burger at home with Box Burger DIY: Do It Yourself and get creative with Box Burger’s award-winning Irish beef patties, fresh house ingredi..
Ex Tax:€34.99
Not content with your bog standard (but delicious!) Nutella-style spreads?Exclusively made in Ireland for Stuff u need is the gift of a new spread fit..
Ex Tax:€4.99
PLATFORM PIZZA Home Pizza Kit - Makes 5 pizzas PLATFORM PIZZA Home Pizza Kit - Makes 5 pizzas
Hot Free Sample
This pack makes 5 Pizzas - 3 Meaty and 2 Margherita Preheat your oven to 230 degreesUse the back of a large spoon to layer your pizza bases withPlatf..
Ex Tax:€34.99
Kit Contains - Bottle of Aperol Bottle of Prosecco 1 Litre of Soda 2 Aperol Glasses How to make the perfect Ap..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Wing It at Home Mixed Wings Kit
Hot Free Sample
MIXED TRADITIONAL & BONELESS WINGS KITGet the best of both worlds and Wing it @ home with our Traditional New Yor Style On-The-Bone Wings as well ..
Ex Tax:€29.95
Wing It at Home Traditional Wings Kit
Hot Free Sample
TRADITIONAL WINGS KITWing it @ home with our famous Traditional New York Style On-The-Bone Wings.This pack contains:Traditional Wings - 2kg (serves 5-..
Ex Tax:€29.95
White Sour Dough LoafContains Wheat (gluten)Does not contain:EggMilkSesameSoyaNutsSulphites..
Ex Tax:€3.50
Available for delivery Thursday to Saturday inclusiveAt Offbeat Donut Co we look to bring a little magic into your life by delivering the ultimate don..
Ex Tax:€15.86
Wing It at Home Boneless Wings Kit
Hot Free Sample
BONELESS WINGS KITWing it @ home with our famous Boneless Wings. Made from chicken breast in a light cornflour batter you get all of the flavour with ..
Ex Tax:€29.95
Available for delivery Thursday to Saturday inclusiveAt Offbeat Donut Co we look to bring a little magic into your life by delivering the ultimate don..
Ex Tax:€7.93
Eaton - The Couple's Sweet and Savoury Waffle Box (Serves 2) Eaton - The Couple's Sweet and Savoury Waffle Box (Serves 2)
Free Sample
The best of both worlds! Two chicken and waffles and two sticky toffee pudding waffles!The box contains:Southern spiced organic chicken breastGrilled ..
Ex Tax:€30.00
BOX BURGER Chilli Beef Nacho Kit
Free Sample
Kit contains - Nacho ChipsTomato salsaGuacamoleSour-CreamRed ChilliCheese Sauce..
Ex Tax:€17.95



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